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Clues To Your Kitty’s Dental Disease Blues

How much focus have you placed on monitoring your cat’s oral health? At least 85 percent of cats develop periodontal disease by four years of age. Periodontal disease is painful, and cats are notorious for concealing their pain. You might catch a whiff of bad breath, but most cats will not tolerate having their owners […]

Foods That Are Deadly For Your Dog

You have the best intentions when feeding your dog. You try to find the best dog food on the shelf to provide him with proper nutrition, you purchase healthy packaged treats, and you occasionally give your furry friend some of last night’s leftovers. When you are getting your pet all excited about some of your […]

3 Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

Does your furry friend love to eat your leftover table scraps? Most dogs will happily eat just about anything you put in front of them. However, that doesn’t mean you should indulge their endless appetite. A dog’s body and digestive system is much different than a human’s. Just because certain types of food may be […]